Star Clusters–Trumpler 14

This star cluster–called Trumpler 14–contains some of the brightest stars to be seen in the Milky Way. The Milky Way is the galaxy where we live.

Trumpler 14 lies in the Carina Nebula, about 8,000 light years away. The Carina Nebula is known for being a major star birthplace or nursery.

What if we called it a Star Farm?

Can you imagine a Sci Fi story set in a Star Farm like Trumpler 14? The seeds have already been planted and the crops of stars are already springing up.

What would the star farmers do?

  • Operate massive solar arrays to collect energy?
  • Siphon off hot gases–like hydrogen and helium?
  • Operate orbiting plant farms?

Please post your comments below.

Be stellar!

Matthew Cross

P.S. The small, dark shape just left of center is the silhouette of a nodule of gas. But it looks like a ship full of eager star farmers to me. MC