Space Rave-curated by DJ Gatzby

Vibe to space-themed instrumental music

I asked my resident music expert, DJ Gatzby, to recommend some good, space-themed music to listen to while reading sci fi. Or for just getting that good “deep space vibe.”

Last week, I posted titles with lyrics. Today, I’m posting DJ Gatzby’s instrumental recommendations. Most of these should be available on major music streaming services.

DJ Gatzby loves electronica and good energetic, upbeat music, so this is not your list of sleepy, echoing, deep-space sounds. But he also has eclectic tastes, so you’ll see a bit of everything.

Space Rave!

So enjoy listening to DJ Gatzby’s instrumental space rave.

  • “Supersonic” by Pegboard Nerds
  • “Places” by Osrin
  • “Enter the Yakuza Club” by Hollywood Burns
  • “4am” by Luke Coulson
  • “Bye M’Friend, Goodbye” by Maserati
  • “Hey” by Ducky
  • “Anamorphic” by Joker
  • “Sputnik” by Max Zotti
  • “Halo” by Marcus Santoro

[And here’s a list of DJ Gatzby’s space-themed music with lyrics.]

What recommendations do you have for listening to while reading sci fi? Do you prefer instrumental, something with lyrics, or a bit of everything?

Please post your comments below.

Be stellar!

Matthew Cross

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