Frasier Armitage

Frasier Armitage writes science fiction. Which is another way of saying he’s a thirty-something, self-confessed nerd who sits in a dark room scribbling in notebooks about things that are currently impossible.

When he was a tyke, his first doodles were of spaceships and superheroes, robots and aliens. Nowadays, his stories have developed from sketches into words, which he’s filling books with.

When he’s not writing, you’ll find him with his wife, watching Keanu Reeves movies, or noodling on his guitar. He’s a part-time robot, full-time nerd, imaginer of worlds, and resident of Earth.

Frasier won my very first writing contest in September 2020 and then won the January Contest in 2021.

Twitter: @FrasierArmitage


Frasier’s Stories

Pillars of Smoke

by Frasier Armitage

Lorenzo, a young laborer in Belmont’s mines, climbs to freedom, escaping the stifling smoke inside the mountain city and the shackles of an arranged marriage.

Night of the Rocket–Belmont

The Voice of Beasts

by Frasier Armitage

After escaping a life buried in an underground city, Lorenzo descends the misty mountain into the harsh light of the outside world.

Nights of Revelation–Belmont

A Matter of Principle

by Frasier Armitage

Octavius and Flavius rule Whitehall as partners, and there is peace. But the Polity Navy’s arrival in orbit pits them against each other.

Nights of Revelation–Whitehall

Outcast of Belmont

by Frasier Armitage

Capt. Ward seeks a way into Belmont. She calls on Vernon the Outcast to find safe passage into the mountain.

Nights of Revelation–Belmont

Frasier’s Collaboration Stories

A ship sails smooth waters beneath an evening sky towards a cloudbank

The Beast Below

by Frasier Armitage and Shanel Wilson

Death whispered in the waves as The Tempest left Newlondon behind. Antonio found himself trapped on a Death Ship.

Night of the Rocket–Newlondon

A ship sails smooth waters beneath an evening sky towards a cloudbank

Out of Shadows

by Frasier Armitage and Shanel Wilson

A Shadow Walker watches from a distance as Solanio sinks deeper into the plots of the Newlondon Guild.

Nights of Revelation–Newlondon

Circle of Champions

by Frasier Armitage, Jim Hamilton, Shanel Wilson and Matthew Cross

Salem’s mech-fighting skills earn her a spot in the Circle of Champions, but can she survive the first Zero-G battle in the Thunderdome?

Frasier’s Contest-Winning Stories

The Lost Cadet

Can this cadet survive alone on a dino planet?

January Contest Winner – 2021

Hello, Universe!

Jess sent messages of light into the universe, never expecting a response . . .

September Contest Winner – 2020

Links to Other Stories by Frasier

INVESTATION: A Short Story of First Contact

Duncan invested his paltry inheritance on the celestial market. He picked up a cheap solar system on the fringe of the universe. But when first contact was made with aliens from Duncan’s planet, his stock options were the least of his worries . . .

Read my review here.

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