Katherine Shaw

Katherine Shaw is a Yorkshire-born multi-genre writer of both long and short-form fiction, based in a little fisherman’s cottage on the bank of the Humber Estuary.

Her work serves to tell the stories of underdogs who must rise up to defeat the hardships they have been dealt in life, often with a focus on female protagonists. Being from a working class mining town herself, she also likes to explore class structure, social mobility and battling against oppression.

When she isn’t working or daydreaming about new characters, Katherine is an avid Dungeons & Dragons player (and fledgling Dungeon Master), a reader of all genres, a mediocre choir singer, a lover of daily yoga practice, and a player of vintage video games. Some may say that she’s a geek . . .

Katherine is currently working towards publishing her debut novel Gloria – a contemporary thriller – alongside writing a dark fantasy short story collection and planning future works.

Katherine won my February Contest in 2021 with a perfectly tragic ending to the futuristic Romeo-and-Juliet story “The Secret War.”

Twitter: @Katheroony

Website: www.KatherineShawWrites.com

Katherine’s Collaboration Stories

The Orb

by Katherine Shaw, Jim Hamilton and S. Songweaver

At 5 a.m., the police arrest Bobby Tanwell in his bathrobe, and his day just gets worse. He blames the mysterious orb that fell from the sky.

A Circle of Champions Story – 2021

Katherine’s Contest-Winning Stories

The Secret War

Juliet flees Whitehall by night, speeding across Lake Avon to meet her green-eyed Romeo. But in the Forest of Arden, Juliet runs across a secret invasion of Romeo’s home. Can these star-crossed survive the Secret War?

February Contest Winner – 2021

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