Audrey Semprun

Audrey Semprun lives in the heart of Prescott, Arizona with her husband, Al, their large dog, Duke, and a parakeet she named Snow, but whom she calls Blue. Audrey enjoys the peacefulness that living in Prescott allows. She gleans inspiration from not only her small-town community but also from the beauty that surrounds her in her mountain-desert home.

Audrey has been a contributing writer in several anthologies, including VSS365 Anthology: Volume One. Audrey gets great pleasure in sharing her poetry on Twitter with her handle, “iAmWriting” @audreysemprun these days.

She is also busy getting sponsors for her own monthly neighborhood print magazine, which went to print with the first edition in August 2021. Audrey is passionate about her family and her community and loves people in general. She has completed several novels but is building her brand and writing platform before releasing any of them. Audrey is an Independent Publisher who has published for herself and for others as a hobby. Audrey’s domain is a work in progress.

Audrey won the July 2021 contest under the pen name “Christina Bodene.”

Audrey’s Contest-Winning Story

Golden lights emanate from a domed building in the City of Lights

The Festival of Juno

by Christina Bodene and Matthew Cross

A spy infiltrates a ball in the City of Lights in this Sci Fi caper. Can she steal the key from a dashing target and complete her mission?

July Contest Winner – 2021

Shanel Aileen Wilson

Shanel Wilson has been constructing vivid, fictional worlds long before she became a general construction administrator in Southern California. Drawn to the glowing glamour of Hollywood, Shanel spent much of her childhood performing on stage, exploring film studio lots and singing every moment she got. Shanel received her BFA from the Dodge College of Film at Chapman University where she truly fell in love with writing. 

Shanel is currently writing her debut science fiction novel about near-future space exploration, as well as a plethora of Sci Fi and Fantasy short stories. Nature is an endless source of inspiration for Shanel, from the mysteries of the ocean to the far reaches of space. She loves to explore those fantastical settings, while diving deep into the intricate relationships of her characters. 

Shanel enjoys spending time with her partner and two children exploring the coasts, mountains and deserts on their travels. She also enjoys other creative pursuits, like handmaking the family’s annual matching Halloween costumes or building a new desk with her partner. Otherwise, you can find Shanel with her nose stuck in a Neil Gaiman book or watching her favorite drag queens on TV. 

Shanel won my November Contest in 2020 and has been a finalist a number of times before and since. She is my most decorated Champion for all her prize-winning stories.

Check out the latest from Shanel on her blog: You can also find her on Twitter: @shanelaileenw.

Shanel’s Stories

Shadow of the Dunes

by Shanel Wilson

Emilia’s violet eyes doom her to the life of a Westminster Bride, unless she can find another path beyond the desert.

Night of the Rocket–Westminster

Shanel’s Collaboration Stories

A ship sails smooth waters beneath an evening sky towards a cloudbank

The Beast Below

by Shanel Wilson and Frasier Armitage

Death whispered in the waves as The Tempest left Newlondon behind. Antonio found himself trapped on a Death Ship.

Night of the Rocket–Newlondon

A sailboat glides across glass-smooth water and over the reflection of white clouds piling on the horizon

Out of Shadows

by Shanel Wilson and Frasier Armitage

A Shadow Walker watches from a distance as Solanio sinks deeper into the plots of the Newlondon Guild.

Nights of Revelation–Newlondon

Circle of Champions

by Shanel Wilson, Frasier Armitage, Jim Hamilton and Matthew Cross

Salem’s mech-fighting skills earn her a spot in the Circle of Champions, but can she survive the first Zero-G battle in the Thunderdome?

Shanel’s Contest-Winning Stories

A Forest of Blue Eyes

by Shanel Wilson

Despite Ma’s warning to stay close to camp on the new planet, Shim had followed the girl with blue eyes. Imagine, blue eyes! Now he was lost in the desert and dying of thirst. There was no choice but to follow the footprints in the red sand.

November Contest Winner – 2020


by Shanel Wilson

Cass escaped Mars with an infection of the Vere, crash landed on Earth and made it inside the family farmhouse. But now triangle ships are headed towards the house!

May Contest Finalist – 2021


by Shanel Wilson

A cat burglar’s high-rise heist goes awry. Can she still escape with the lavalier?

April Contest Finalist – 2021

Almost Home

by Shanel Wilson

Cass escaped Mars with an infection of the Vere, crash landed on Earth and made it inside the family farmhouse. But now triangle ships are headed towards the house!

October Contest Finalist – 2020