Flash Fiction Collaborations

The Orb

by Jim Hamilton, Katherine Shaw and S. Songweaver

First he suffers blackouts, then a cadre of police show up at his door. Bobby knows it must tie back to the mysterious orb that fell from the sky.

Circle of Champions

by Matthew Cross, Frasier Armitage, Jim Hamilton and Shanel Wilson

Salem’s mech-fighting skills earn her a spot in the Circle of Champions, but can she survive the first Zero-G battle in the Thunderdome?

The Globe Folio

A Sci Fi World Collaboration

Part I – Night of the Rocket

Pillars of Smoke

by Frasier Armitage

Lorenzo, a young Belmontian miner, climbs to freedom, escaping the stifling smoke inside the mountain city and the shackles of an arranged marriage.

Night of the Rocket–Belmont

Shadow of the Dunes

by Shanel Wilson

Violet eyes are highly prized, and so Emilia is a destined bride. Will a dangerous journey across the desert spell her doom or change her fate?

Night of the Rocket–Westminster

The Towers of Whitehall


Leonardo, the City’s energy czar, warns leaders of coming doom, but they ignore him. Meanwhile, his son chooses a different path.

Night of the Rocket–Whitehall

The Beast Below


Death whispered in the waves as The Tempest left Newlondon behind. Antonio found himself trapped on a Death Ship.

Night of the Rocket–Newlondon

A golden sun in a purple sky sets over golden fields and a green forest in the background

The Buried War


A farm boy unearths weapons from an ancient war. Will it bring wealth or endless trouble?

Night of the Rocket–Finsbury

Kite Night


Capt. Ward of the Polity Navy lands on the Globe with orders to protect the planet and extract resources. “Achieve the objective, by any means necessary.”

Night of the Rocket–Kite Night

Part II- Nights of Revelation

The Voice of Beasts– Part 1

by Frasier Armitage

Nights of Revelation begins with Lorenzo’s descent from the mountains of Belmont into the harsh light of the outside world.

Nights of Revelation–Belmont

The Voice of Beasts– Part 2

by Frasier Armitage

After Ros saves Lorenzo from a Mirrim attack, they follow the streaks in the sky to meet the Polity ship. Can Lorenzo find the peace he seeks?

Nights of Revelation–Belmont

Purple sand dunes

The Sands of Change– Part 1

by Shanel Wilson

The head of Wildcat Fields is dying, and the head of the Smith is slowly losing his mind. Imogen, Sebastian and Gonzalo prepare to take the reins.

Nights of Revelation–Westminster

Purple sand dunes

The Sands of Change– Part 2

by Shanel Wilson

Capt. Ward arrives in the dune city of Westminster to extract its resources. The city’s young leaders ride the shifting sands of power.

Nights of Revelation–Westminster

Blue-and-green tinted glass skycrapers

A Matter of Principle

by Frasier Armitage

Octavius and Flavius rule Whitehall as partners, and there is peace. But the Polity Navy’s arrival threatens these two towers of power.

Nights of Revelation–Whitehall

Woman's face in blue and green with ocean cliffs behind her and starry sky overhead

Eyes Up the River– Part 1

by Shanel Wilson and Frasier Armitage

Antonio returns the hero after slaying the kraken, but the Guild of Sailors has more plans for his future. The tentacles of fate grip tighter even than the kraken.

Nights of Revelation–Newlondon

Sailboat gliding on a smooth sea under white clouds and a starry sky

Eyes Up the River– Part 2

by Shanel Wilson and Frasier Armitage

After he slays the kraken, the Guild inducts the fearless Antonio with a gold ring. They send him to Whitehall to greet the Polity ship. What could go wrong?

Nights of Revelation–Newlondon

Purple dunes stretch into a hazy, evening horizon

Feral Fields

by Jeremy Wilson and Shanel Wilson

Verges takes a solo night shift in the Wildcat Fields. Even hoping to see some creatures along the way, he never dreams of the visitor he’ll meet.

Nights of Revelation–Westminster

Contest Winning Stories

The silhouette of a giant robot figure in front of ranges of mountains blanketed in nighttime darkness


The Planetkiller strikes the ground, plowing a crater into the earth. A Planetkiller’s landing is its first strike. 

March Contest Winner – 2022

A red fox walks through a forest at night

Mountains of Clouds

An arctic fox must face off against Republic Special Forces with no weapons but weather, terrain and guile.

December Contest Winner – 2021

After the Fall

A malfunctioning android, filled with the culture of a fallen world, must choose between saving a world’s rich past or an orphan girl’s future.

September Contest Winner – 2021

The Festival of Juno

A back-world spy infiltrates a grand ball in the City of Lights. Can she outwit her handsome target and retrieve the key?

July Contest Winner – 2022


A space scrapper performs a daring rescue.

May Contest Winner – 2021

Fools: A Sci Fi Heist

A jewelry heist on the 16th floor goes awry.

April Contest Winner – 2021

Lucky Day

A boy and an android versus an army.

March Contest Winner – 2021

Image: Smooth water reflecting a starry sky. Text: The Secret War--Read the prize-winning story--A Sci Fi tale of woe of Juliet and her Romeo

The Secret War

A Sci Fi tale of woe of Juliet and her Romeo.

February Contest Winner – 2021

The Lost Cadet

Can this cadet survive alone on a dino planet?

January Contest Winner – 2021

A Present for Smittens

Chasing the yellow butterfly was fun, but now Smittens is lost.

December Contest Winner – 2020

A Forest of Blue Eyes

Shim followed the blue-eyed girl into the desert and lost his way.

November Contest Winner – 2020

Almost Home

Infected by the Vere, Cass escapes Mars for home . . .

October Contest Winner – 2020

Hello, Universe!

Jess sent messages of light into the universe, never expecting a response . . .

September Contest Winner – 2020

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