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Enjoy my reviews of science fiction books. I aim to introduce you to the book and give you an idea of what it’s about. I also try to give you a little taste of the flavor of a book. That’s all.

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Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline–the battle for control of the Oasis begins!

Cover of Ready Player One showing Wade Watts climbing the stacks.

The hero, Wade Watts, is a poor, orphaned teenager, whose real life exists on the OASIS, a massively multiplayer online game. He is stuck with a third-level avatar.  “Having a third-level avatar was a colossal embarrassment.”  Wade is a gunter, looking for the creator’s secret Easter Egg hidden in the OASIS.  “The Hunt, as the contest came to be known, quickly wove its way into global culture.  Like winning the lottery, finding Halliday’s Easter egg became a popular fantasy among adults and children alike. . . .  A new subculture was born, composed of the millions of people who now devoted every free moment of their lives to searching for Halliday’s egg.  At first, these individuals were known simply as ‘egg hunters,’ but this was quickly truncated to the nickname ‘gunters.’”

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