The photos and photographers of Fools

The photographers of provided me with a great collection of photos for my April Contest story “Fools,” a Sci Fi heist story set.

(If you’ve not read the story, you’ll want to read it first, as this post contains some spoilers.)

Dark Surf

Jeremy Bishop shot this beautiful, mesmerizing, night-time beach photo. Notice all the detail he captures in this vertical photo.

I used this photo for the main title image for “Fools.” Because I need horizontal images for the title images to play well on Twitter, I had to crop it viciously into a horizontal shot, focusing on the white waves. But even cropped so much, it makes a beautiful, haunting image. And, of course, I added the text.

Jeremy hails from California. His passions are the ocean and water photography. He says he is “striving to make an impact to save our oceans and reefs.” You can see more of Jeremy’s excellent water-related photos at and

Private Beach

I can see the private beach and the softly glowing surf. Photo by Jordan Steranka.

Jordan Steranka shot this beautiful sunset over palm trees. You can still see the rosy tones of sunset at the bottom of the photo but also a starry sky above. The story “Fools” occurs at night, probably long after sunset, but this photo was so beautiful, I thought I could get away with using it.

Jordan is an industrial designer in Seattle, Washington. He loves soccer, the outdoors, and exploration. You can see more of his work at and

Resi Tower

This is the offseason for the beach, so the family is away. Photo by Tobias Rademacher.

Tobias Rademacher, who goes by Toby, is a hobby photographer with interests in architecture, landscape, and travel images. He hails from Cologne, Germany, and he shoots some stunning architectural images. You can see more of his photos at


I figured M. Lasone really wanted to protect his wife’s lavalier. Photo by Patricia Zavala.

Patricia Zavala shot this “shiny” photo of what she describes as a “blue, heart-shaped necklace.” Patricia is a designer, photographer, and creative, who hails from Seattle, Washington. Her landscape and nature images can be found at and

Cat Mask

I also have a cat mask. A little inside joke. Photo by Soroush Golpoor.

Soroush Golpoor, who hails from Iran, shot this really cool photo of a giant cat mask. This photo is part of a series of photos Soroush shot with this mask, and the whole collection is amazing. I’ve never seen anything quite like these photos. I love the mask, but Soroush’s photos, settings, and models take it to a new level. See more of Soroush’s photos at

Slider Tube

I glide down the brightly lit tube for 16 floors. Photo by Joe Ciciarelli.

Joe Ciciarelli shot this intriguing photo of a tunnel. I’m not actually sure what kind of tunnel it is or what it’s used for, but it’s eyecatching. See more of Joe’s travel and adventure photos at and

Be stellar!

Matthew Cross

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