Hitch a ride with an alien; see what happens

On Twitter, DeRicki Johnson is a poetic force. Daily, DeRicki pumps out an endless flow of poems. Some are inspired by current events, some are inspired by tweets or photos he sees, and some are just whimsical creations of the moment. With DeRicki, you never know what you’re going to get next.

As a big geek, I’m excited to see DeRicki occasionally post original poems about fantasy and Sci Fi themes. And when I saw this poem set in outer space, I had to ask if he would let me post it on the website. DeRicki, always the gentleman, readily obliged.

Space Junk

By DeRicki Johnson
An alien
Offered me 
A ride 
To outer space
So much space junk 
Filled our skies
For which I was not braced 

So many 
Near misses 
From disaster 
Bare escaped

In fact 
I pissed my pants
Which robbed the trip 
Of glamor 

Next time 
I’ll choose caution 
As better part 
Of #valor #vss365

Copyright DeRicki Johnson. Used with permission.

For inspiration for this poem, DeRicki relied on the Tweet below as well as the writing prompt word “valor.”

Editor’s Note: All formatting matches DeRicki’s original Twitter post, including bolding. For those not familiar with “#VSS365,” it is a daily prompt word for writers provided on Twitter by a rotating group of hosts. The “VSS” stands for “very short story” and the “365” indicates that a prompt is provided every day of the year. Poets and other writers try to write a poem or very short story that fits within the space limits of a tweet and include the prompt word. The prompts are supposed to help spark a writer’s creativity, and it certainly works for DeRicki.

You can find and endless supply of great poems for free just by following DeRicki on Twitter. His handle is @derickijohnson.

If you like the poem, please leave a kind comment for DeRicki below.

Be stellar!

Matthew Cross

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  1. Thanks for publishing my quirky work, Matthew. I appreciate you!

    • DeRicki, thanks again for this fun and, as you say, quirky poem. It’s always a pleasure to read your poetic gems on Twitter. And I’m so proud to be able to share one on my website. Perhaps you’ll be willing to share a few more with us in the future?
      Thanks for visiting the website and leaving a comment. It’s always appreciated!
      Be stellar!

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